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Matt & Rachel | Clapham Common Wedding

This London wedding was in Clapham, right on the Common at Holy Trinity Clapham church. What a beautiful day! It was SO hot, over 30 degrees - I felt a bit sorry for the guys in 3 piece suits! Rachel and her bridesmaids got ready at a quirky AirBnb near the church, and then made their way there for the service. It’s such a great church, I loved how light and spacious it was! It was a beautiful service, led by a hilarious vicar. After I did the family photos, and photos of Matt and Rachel, they then had an epic confetti line leaving the church. It’s such an attractive building, with huge white pillars on the front. They stopped at an ice cream van on their way to the reception, and got a lot of attention from crowds of people enjoying the sun on the common - there was a lot of cheering and clapping! 

Trinity House was an amazing space for a reception - SO light, with white walls (great for a photographer!!) They enjoyed their dinner, with the pudding made by Matt’s dad, (a pavlova!) and had some very touching speeches. 

I went out again at the golden hour with Matt and Rachel, and I’m so glad we did! It was a gorgeous light evening, and I just love those photos of them by the church’s pillars. They then enjoyed a great party, with music from Truly Medley Deeply. A big thanks to Julie for second shooting for me!

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