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Meet Anna

At the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

At the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

In action at a wedding in April 2018 - on my birthday!

In action at a wedding in April 2018 - on my birthday!


I'm a wedding photographer living near Guildford in the beautiful Surrey countryside. Most of my weddings are in the South but I'm happy to travel all over the UK.

I LOVE the fact that every wedding is different. It makes my job so interesting and I love the mixture of people, the spontaneous moments and the big emotions! I like to get to know my couples before the day - I love knowing how they met and what they enjoy doing. I believe that marriage is so important, and being asked to photograph the biggest day of people's lives is such a privilege.

Thank you for considering me! Please get in touch if you'd like to chat before booking.

A few facts about me:

- I'm married to a wonderful man called Matt. He's a medical physicist...our jobs are completely different so we find it funny that we both work in 'digital imaging'! We met in a sunny field in Somerset back in 2013, went on our first date a week later and have been married since 2016. He's awesome.

- I worked in New Zealand a few years ago at an outdoor activity centre and LOVED it. It's the most beautiful country with incredible beaches, mountains and people! I'm scared of heights but whilst we were there, Matt somehow convinced me that skydiving was a great idea, and 12 hours later we jumped out of a plane at 18,000 feet! (Totally amazing, I'd recommend it to anyone!)

- I love being outside, visiting National Trust properties & gardens and exploring the Surrey countryside. When I was younger I was always dragged on a Sunday afternoon family walk, but now I'm the keen one asking my husband if we can go!

- My goal in life is to own a massive fridge-freezer with a crushed ice dispenser... (should I aim higher?) I'd also love a Tom Howley kitchen but I'd have to sell our house in order to buy one... and then where would the kitchen go?!